The - KR Ducati 999 Turbo - Race Bike

KR Ducati 999 Turbo

A masterpiece of engineering art. On 15th February 2017 it was for the first time presented to the world public at the SWISS-MOTO 2017!

Bike No.:               7118
Frame:                  Custom construction - nacked (non streamlined i.e. no fairings)
Engine size:         1000cc (from the Ducati 999s)
Turbo:                    Yes, supercharged
Horsepower:        240
Fule type:             Gasoline only (no addition of nitro-methane or any similar power additives)
Modifications:  various
Top speed:            Bonneville will tell!

Engine Test

The construction:
KR-Motorcycles has completely reconstructed the former race bike from scratch. The realization of this project is only possible because we can build on an existing perfectly functioning structure (driveline, frame etc.). The achievement of our goals is only possible with the burning ambition of our race driver and the whole team!
We start in the following category:
FIM classification:
Category = I           Motorcycles propelled by the action of one wheel in contact with the ground
Group = A1             Solo Motorcycles; 2-wheeler vehicles making only one track on the ground
Devision = A         Non-streamlining; no aerodynamic streaming devices are permitted - The rider is visible at all times
Type = II                 Internal combustion engine; spark ignition; fuel injection
Class = 1000          Engine displacement (engine size = 1000cc)

AMA classification:
Frame = A              Special construction non-streamlined (i.e. custom frame without any fairings)
Engine = BG           Supercharged Gasoline only
Displ. = 1000           Engine displacement (engine size = 1000cc)

Our goal is to set two new world records:
 - Short distance 1 kilometer as well as 1 mile with a flying start:
  • 1 x AMA „American Motorcyle Association“          ; record in MPH (American record)
  • 1 x FIM Féderation Internationale du Motocyclisme ; world record in KPH
    • Current FIM World Record was set 2009 by Alan Cathcart on a Triumph Bonneville Turbo with 266.618 km/h 
Rules and regulations according to FIM – Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme and AMA – American Motorcycles Association